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Carpet Grass: Three cases in which commercial artificial turf is better than natural turf

In recent years, commercial artificial turf has lost its reputation as sticky, fragile and ugly, and natural grass has received an award for its money as the preferred deck for playgrounds and sports fields. The durability of the material, the low maintenance requirements and the ability to get rid of many of the unpleasant problems associated with natural grass gave you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits between homeowners and sports facilities managers, which before I did not possess. Today, fields and orchards covered with artificial grass are almost as common as natural grass.

However, despite this increase in popularity and reputation, many people still firmly believe that commercial artificial turf will never match their natural counterpart, and that in case of doubt between them, natural grass will always win. However, although this argument is common, this argument is relatively easy to dissipate, that is, it points to certain situations in which commercial artificial turf is actually more beneficial than the natural option. The lines below detail three of these cases and explain what makes carpet grass Singapore more suitable than its natural counterpart in each of them.

Carpet Grass


Natural grass, being natural, tends to transport a series of allergenic agents and components, if not directly, by association. Pollen, poison ivy, certain natural dust and insect bites are just some of the potentially allergic elements surrounding natural grass, not to mention the leaves of the grass, which can often cause rashes or skin irritations.

Fight to preserve

Not all homeowners will be able to take care of the natural courtyard. Cutting grass, weeding, protecting against insects and repairing soil damage are just some of the problems the average owner of a natural lawn will face, and this is not always possible. For example, elderly homeowners or those who are often away from their property may find that their gardens become messy, ugly and even dangerous if they are not compromised.

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