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Live Band For Events – When They Have a Noise Limiter, Request Your Venue

If you are booking a band for a For, or wedding a party, or for entertainment – or really purposes of any kind – there is an important thing that could make a difference to whether your function is a success or not.

Does A sound limiter in place?

For part of the, some places Entertainment permit requires them to get a sound limiter in place. There is A noise limiter a cut Off switch attached to a detector – if the noise at your function exceeds the established noise limit the cut off switch kicks in and the ability to the place will be cut.

Live Band For Events

This is a significant consideration When planning your event are set to a level of approximately 90 decibels. Now to give you a contrast an unamplified snare drum hit with a mean quantity of force will seem at 85 to 86 decibels. So there is not much headroom there – and there is nothing worse than getting the dance floor full and suddenly all of the noise tripping and needing to be reset.

True Story times my band Have been at events where there was a sound limiter in place and we have been very cautious about our sound levels but the sound limiter has cut the electricity because a guest in the event has been near the sound sensor and continues to be overly enthused with his applause and that has been enough to trigger the sound limiter to reduce the power. If there is a live band for events singapore Critical to your you and event is taking a look to host your event, ask them if they have a sound limiter And if they do consider choosing an alternate venue.

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